5 Years as National Coach

Meet Normie Daghel, WAKO Australia National Coach and also Head Ring Referee in Oceania. By day Normie runs Martial Energy in Wetherill Park, Sydney. Normie is a successful gym owner, currently having Double WAKO Junior World Champion Holly Saunders as his student, with a number of other National Team members and World Medalists like Arias Vang World Silver Medalist among just many.

Pic Shows Normie Daghel with Holly Saunders after medal ceremony Jeselo, Italy 2018

Normie started his Martial Arts journey in Karate, before evolving into Hapkido, Kickboxing and MMA Normie has over 20 professional wins in K1 and MMA and SouthPacific and National professional titles. What few know about Normie is that he was one of the first people in Australia to competitively compete in Xtreme Forms where gymnastics and Martial arts meet together, and is also a professional Stuntman.

We at WAKO Australia are very lucky to have Normie acting as head coach for our Team and if anyone has travelled to the World Championships, Junior or Adult, they will attest to Normie being the first up in the morning doing the run and the last to leave the night session. Normie actively participates with the athletes and LEADS from the front. Going through all the pains and gains that the athletes go through, earning him the respect of his athletes and peers.

Pic 1. Shows Normie with legendary Stan Longinidis at AFS Amateur show Melbourne 2019 and Pic 2 at Sappada Camp Italy 2018

Normie lead the first WAKO Australia campaign in Rimini Italy at the Junior World Championships in 2014. During this maiden voyage, never being exposed to a event of this magnitude and standard, the Australian Team managed to come away with 1 Silver medal, 3 bronze medals, a fantastic achievement. Normie student Isabelle Padilla taking the Silver against a very tough Italian opponent.

Through the years of travel with WAKO Australia that has taken Normie to Italy, Ireland, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to name a few countries, his knowledge of the fight game has grown expansively and Normie is now a intricate part of WAKO AUSTRALIA.

Not many people know but Normie was one of the founders of WAKO in Australia and has been supporting and growing the Sport throughout the country both as a Coach, Referee and state director. Normie has volunteered his time and skills like no other member of WAKO Australia and we owe where we are now to his hard work and the hard work of his team.

Here are some of the memories of your work Normie Daghel and we say thanks for everything so far. Bring on 2020