NSO Recognition for Kickboxing by Sport Australia

2019 is a magnificent year for WAKO Australia, on the back of a historical 2018, with recognition by NSW CSA and Professional Boxing and Combat Sports board of Victoria, as Approved amateur bodies for the Sport of Kickboxing, Athlete Holly Saunders taking a double Gold at the Junior WAKO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Australia first ever world champion and still ONLY World Champion), WAKO AUSTRALIA moves forward in the recognition process.

4 years ago our board with members like Inspirational Coach Ed Bavelock, NSW Director and National Coach Normie Daghel and others, sat in a room and had our 4 year GOAL up on the powerpoint, number 1 was to be a recognised NSO by ASC. With a minimum of 3 years activity as the main obstacle we started as how we wish to finish, meeting all the criteria for recognition.


SPORT AUSTRALIA – National Sporting Organisation (NSO) recognition.

This is a GIANT milestone for WAKO Australia, and see’s it’s members able to access local and state grants. It also allows access to the AIS and other facilities and education platforms.

The biggest achievement for WAKO AUSTRALIA is the situation it leaves the SPORT of Kickboxing in the eyes of Federal and State level Government and ministries. Up to this point the Sport of Kickboxing was not recognised as a OFFICIAL sport by Federal Government, due to historical and current bodies not meeting any of the criteria set forth by SPORT AUSTRALIA.

A lot of this is down to the pathway system, with WAKO AUSTRALIA being the NF – National Federation to represent WAKO-IF, who 2019 received, IOC – International Olympic Committee recognition for the Sport of Kickboxing.

With the hard work of National Secretary Vanessa Jenkins, the support of State directors like Normie Daghel, Stephanie Glew, Astro Rodrigues and other board members Nick Lundh, WAKO Australia grew significantly in 2019, seeing activity and growth across Australia.


WAKO AUSTRALIA would like to thank all its Directors, representatives, Athlete members, coaches and volunteers to get us to this historical moment.

We are proud to now promote recognition from the following government bodies.

Combat Sports Authority