WAKO Australia Limited has voted in a new President

Victorian Combat Sport Coach, Ed Bavelock

Coach Ed with his Students competing on the very First WAKO AUSTRALIA national Team.

WAKO Australia Limited (WAL) is very proud to announce the majority vote was acknowledged by it’s members to replace founding President, Francis McArdle at its 2020 AGM. WAL would like to thank Francis for his tireless work and service as President, since it’s foundation in 2015. Under his leadership, not only did every Australian National Team bring home medals from every World Championship attended, but Australia also produced it’s first Double World Champion. Most notable of Francis’ achievements however, was WAKO Australia’s successful application as a NSO for Kickboxing under Sport Australia last year.

Francis announced his resignation from the position and urged members to support the proposal of Mr Ed Bavelock to take control and lead WAKO Australia to a new level of governance and support to its members.
Ed is a passionate Educator and Coach, having coached international athletes across several combat sports and currently holds Qualifications in Education, a Black Belt in Karate, National Coach roles in MMA and of course, one of the founding members of WAKO Australia.

A little bit about Ed:“I came to Australia in 1991 as a Kickboxer and I am passionate and energised by the next generation of athletes and coaches. Our goals are clear as a National Sporting Organisation. Education, Development & High Performance are 3 areas we will focus on. WAKO will work closely with Sport Australia on Sport Integrity throughout our education platform to bring Kickboxing as a sport to the next level. We will be guided by 3 simple words for Kickboxing at Club to National level: Safe, Welcoming & Inclusive”.

WAL Board Positions have also seen a new FIRST, with its members voting in a 40% Female presence! WAL’s female Board Members include Vanessa Jenkins, Hayley Louryes, Lara Ahola and Alexandra Hovan. 
WAL would like to wish Ed, good luck in his Leadership and look forward to more announcements to follow shortly